Keep on keepin’ on

-Baby Bear

Men of Phi Tau, one of my favorite things about being a little religious has to be the comfort I get.  Some people may think this to be a crutch but I believe that if someone hands you a hammer and says “drive in that nail”, I’m probably going to use the hammer.  Whether it be exams or money issues, humans are social creatures, everyone has or needs a little support when things get stressful.  I urge you to find out who your support is whether it be friends, family, a God, or many gods and thank them for getting you through life when it gets to the point of lame times infinity.

I’d like to share with you men my what I personally do when things seem to overwhelm.  It’s a little prayer that I stole from a saint who said it a long time ago.  It’s short, sweet, and nice and I even abridged to where my small attention span can get through it and remember it.


grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage

to change the things that I can,

and the wisdom

to know the difference.

That’s what gets me through the day.  I’d love if you readers could comment and say what gets you through exam week and the like.

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