A message about living

– Baby Bear

Men of Phi Tau, I’d like to tell you about something I learned today.  As you all know it’s election day and Americans all over the country are casting ballots trying to decide who will be in charge of leading the free world for the next four years.  I, of course, am away from home today and because of a weird mixture of exams and quizes this week I’m resigned to vote with an absentee ballot.  I put off sending in my registration until the last minute, all the information was available to me but I waited anyway.  It turns out though that what I think is the last minute is much different than what the state of Michigan thinks the last minute is and I missed the deadline.  Now I’m stuck having told many haughty people that I was going to cancel out their votes with mine and not being able to.  The importance of voting varies from place to place and person to person but my family holds it in especially high regard so I can’t tell them I didn’t vote and i definitely can’t tell my roommates and other friends who know how I feel about voting because of the fall out.  Weirdly this bothers be, bothers me quite a bit, thoughts about it keep running through my head and I can’t shake it, what if the state votes the other way by one vote? Things like that, silly but they bother me.  

The moral of the story is, when they say “live without any regrets” they don’t mean go out and do crazy things like bungie jumping and stuff, they mean in your day to day life, avoid things that you’ll regret because however small, you have no idea what will keep you up at night.  And for pete’s sake, I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.  

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